9 February 2007

POTD 8 & 9

Just thought I'd put these on here before I race off to the High school swimming carnival, then home for a quick tidy up and get organised for our trip away this weekend. We are off to Port Fairy tomorrow night then Colac on sunday for a Stevens family reunion. I haven't caught up with a lot of Dad's side of the family for years. Some of my cousins kids I have never met, (make that most of my cousins kids) so I'm looking forward to an afternoon of playing who's who. Just catching up with my own imediate family is a big enough thing in itself. Big brother Geoff is home from Darwin so everyone will be happy to see him and I get to see more of my little 'greaties'.
The first shot is self explanatory, four boys = lots of laundry
The second shot is a tassle Rhonda made for me the first year I was in Naracoorte, she new how much I missed the ocean. It was with absolute delight that I opened the little parcel when it arived on my doorstep the day of my birthday and found this inside with it's gorgeous little sea shells and the colors of the ocean (the colors are a little off in this photo,the threads are more an ivory colour). It was also my first birthday I had ever spent away from my family and friends so it was so comforting to have this little reminder of home. I am always so grateful to have little reminders like this of her.

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Peta's page said...

lovely pics!thanks for your comment on my blog too :) Yes, it is comet McNaught! It's interesting you visiting Port Fairy! I live in Warrnambool!! it is indeed a small world!