2 February 2007

Blue Bazaar's photo of the day

Each day in February a group of us on the forum board at Blue Bazaar www.bluebazaar.com.au are doing a daily photography challenge for the month of February ('cause it's a short month ) based on themes for each week. Week 1) all about me/my style week, 2)My home week, 3)things I love, week 4)everyday life. These are the first two days entries. The cup of earl Grey is how I've been starting my day off since the boys started back at school. I've developed a bit of a routine now. Up and shower, lunches for the boys, get them organised and walk Seamus to school then home to dishes, then 5 min to sit and enjoy a cuppa and check out my emails for the day, it's my bliss time before I face work or whatever I'm up to for the day. The second shot is just one of my thongs, I've flogged the poor things since I've had them. A friend told me when I came home with them that they were very 'me'.

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Peta's page said...

I love your photos. Yor website is very inspiring!