21 February 2007


Our little traveling companion fugu the air freshener (see I will take photos of just about anything) Finally a male that can multi task, TV and the game boy, way to go BJ ( one of the up sides to autism, I've seen him play two gameboys at one time, clever boy)
And this was just entree
I discovered lemon ice tea, a new love affair begins.
Daz had been busy on the roof of the lift, this caused quite a giggle when we were stuck in the lift and got caught taking photos of it.
I'll be back...
Don't you just love the fact that you can be in the city and still see so many trees, love Adelaide.
Tan and Don.

Sneaky one of Tan, too much back lighting butI don't care if you don't.
Tan's photo of Don and I.
Do you think maybe they were sick of the camera?
Shopping at Ikea, the things my friends will do for me to get a photo.

Sunday and Monday Tan and I went to Adelaide for a work??? weekend. Sunday we met up with Donna at the S.A. stamping and scrapbooking fare and scared poor Don by launching ourselves at her. After around an hour or so shopping we did Ikea (love that store and will introduce you to my purchase, my new love Alex, at a later date)) and the Marion shopping center. Little country girls that we are, were as excited to shop in Big W as any of the other boutique stores, sad isn't it? Sunday night consisted of a thoroughly yummy meal at the Red rock noodle bar and lots and lots of giggles, then back to Donna's at Strathalbyn, only to turn back around again into the city for a workshop and paper release for Scrapbooking Australia on Monday, a great weekend of giggling, chatting and food.

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