21 January 2007

One for next month.

A stamping page for one of next months classes, getting in early with this one, not my usual throw something together a few days before routine, I just can't do that anymore without the three of us. Missing Donna but did catch up with her today while she's home for the weekend, did lunch @Billy Macs, just Tan,Don and me, very nice.The bottom of the page is a little blurry, just because my DOF was shallow not because I can't hold a rubber stamp any more.lol. It's nice to have a few girly shots to scrapbook. I have to wait to go home to Port and catch up with Jodi and the kids with Izzy being the only (little) girl in the family to get these photos so they are few and far between, I think I need a friend with a little girl but would that be wierd scrapbooking other peoples kids, aside from family of course? I live in such a male dominated world (which I must admit I love most of the time)but I sometimes wished I lived closer to home to catch up with all the greaties more often but especially the girly ones. If you haven't guessed I'm missing my family tonight, maybe it's just the late hour, it is after one oclock. Off to beddybyes, night.
ETA Ah this came out side ways but I'm too tired to change it tonight so it's just gonna have to stay that way.

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