1 January 2007

Holidays in Port Fairy...

On our last day in Port we did the tourist thing and went for a camel ride and a boat ride out on the bay, it was great fun and the boys loved it. Joseph's helmet made me laugh with the face on the back of it. The dragon fly was on Mum's laundry just sitting there, it let the boys handle it no worries and it was very cooperative when I took its photo. The photo of Griffith's Island was the result of a 5am start to catch the sun coming up behind the light house. Unfortunatley I was a little impatient and the best of the light came as we were leaving. It was still wonderful to get out there early and see what most people don't. There was a magnificent big seal stretched out on the rocks and several wallabies as well as lots of bird life. Definately worth setting the alarm for. The bottom shot of Joseph and Seamus was taken at shellybeach one evening

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