30 June 2014

Who wouldn't love a new camera???

http://snapknot.com"><img src="http://snapknot.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/cameraday_quote.jpg" title="SnapKnot" alt="SnapKnot" border="0" />
Courtesy of: http://snapknot.com
Yesterday was national camera day, and while it may seem there is a day for everything now I love the idea one especially for my camera. And what I love even more is that by following the link above it will take you to the snapknot FB site where you get the chance win either a canon 5Dmark III (drool) or if you are so inclined a nikon D800. I love this photo that was on the snapknot email.

Now all I need to do is wander more, I've started a new job as well as still being at the old one (two kids in uni and another two to go will do that) so my wandering time is a little sparse at the moment. All for a good cause so they say :-)

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