23 March 2011

A hodge podge of shots

Well still no creative mojo so you have to bear with me with photos for the moment. I'm quite sure
Santa bagged up all desire to create things from paper and took them back to the North Pole with him. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring it back for me. Hope fully, I have too many dollars worth of crafty goodies sitting here gathering dust,lol. 

 Playing with water droplets, not perfected yet but still a fun thing to do.

 The super moon which I didn't think was very super. Maybe if I got out a little earlier I would have been ok but by the time I got outside that night after a busy day it only looked like a regular moon. I was going to give it another shot the next night but it has been cloudy ever since. Guess I will have to wait another 18 years or so for the next one, hehe.
 A pretty in my back yard
 And this is how I filled in my time while the youngest was playing cricket (have to stay awake some how,lol) this little beauty flew by just as I was about to photograph the kids and I thought he would make a more interesting subject than boys all dressed in white.
As you may have noticed I have been playing around with watermarks. Not sure which one I like best but I think I may just go back to susy's snapshots. Sue FitzGerald photography sounds a bit pretentious as I am not yet a photographer in the professional sense although I suppose anyone who takes photos is basically a photographer, I mean what else would they be??? sue fitzGerald Captured moments is ok but sounds too much like a business name so I'm thinkin' susy's snapshots it is...Any opinions???


Sam said...

Beautiful pictures Susy. I really love the moon one. It makes me want to reach out and touch it.....wonderful!! Your water drops are also lovely...the colour of the water really caught my eye too.

I like 'Susy's Snapshots' (it has a fun ring to it), but I think you are selling yourself way short. You are a fabulous photographer...not just a taker of snapshots (which kinda makes me think of what my kids do..running from room to room and pointing the camera at anything that sits still...including all 15 pages of the first Scooby Doo book they stumbled across. You don't do that...do you? If you do, and manage to get the fabulous results you get...well, hats off to you!! You rock (and I'm putting my kids in touch with your blog so they can get some tips ;-).

Have a wonderful day.

Sam said...

PS. I hope you don't think I was rude in my previous comment. I so didn't mean to be, but just re-read it and it sounded a bit rude...I am sorry.

Like I said in another post though, I SO would pay you to take photographs of my little Thumper if you lived around here. Your recent baby photographs were nothing short of professional in my humble opinion.

Best wishes,

Lisa said...

Well, personally, I think you take just as good a shot as any professional - if not better!!! So I think you are selling yourself WAY short!!!
I like the Sue FitzGerald Photography (copyright) as this can be carried on when you get your 'business' up and running.
I agree with Sam regarding payment - I would SO pay for your services (and still intend to with the shots you did of Stefan - thanks again).
Good luck, and with the amount of enquiries you are starting to get for your photos, I suggest you start your 'business' now and start charging!!!
You are seriously a magician!!!
xxx Lisa :)

pink pixie said...

Susy, Susy, SUSY ..... selling yourself WAY TOO SHORT is a huge understatement girl.
You go for it .... yes, you may still think you have a lot to learn but you are well on your way so please don't forget that!!!!
I like Susy FitzGerald Photography as it can move with you into a business. Go with what you like best.
Oh I almost forgot .......
AMAZING PHOTOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya girl xxxxx

Abby said...

I concur, these are amazing. AMAZING. You are one talented lady! I would go with whatever you are most comfortable with. My preference is the Sue Fitzgerald Photography watermark, I love the way it looks and it makes you sound really confident in your images, which you should be, they are fantastic!