5 July 2011

Lately I've been

Playing with my camera, not blogging much (not hard to guess that one) FBing more than  I've been blogging, watching the boys play lots of football (4 boys 6 games on Saturday) missing my DH who is away travelling the countryside, waiting for my new toshiba tablet to arrive (woo hoo) not doing any craft whatsoever and generally living a busy life(don't we all).

 Joe and his gorgeous pal Georgia, such a cute pair of kids (and just friends)
 Sarah and her sister Kimberly

And I really want to try and do this again this year without the dismal fail from last year. I made it two to three days in last year and just got too busy to finish it. I still have the album ready to go. Last year I used templates over my photos, edited etc, this year my word is going to be simplify, pictures and words and maybe a bit of pretty paper thrown in for good measure and that's it. I'll see how it all goes, and then there is always next year if all else fails,lol.

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