19 April 2010


Today I started Ali Edward's week in the life project. there will be lots of photo taking over the next week and lots of memory keeping. This is all about your daily life, your routines, even the piles of laundry, yep, it's all part of life. Amongst all the tedium of the everyday life of laundry and vacuuming and dishes this little burst of sunshine arrived in my letter box. I won it a couple of weeks ago on Sam's blog and was super delighted when it arrived today and it fits perfectly. I have been admiring her mad jewelry making skills for some time now and remember seeing these beads on a bracelet she had made and instantly fell in love with them, they remind me so much of the ocean that I miss daily. Sorry about the wacky lighting, I didn't alter my white balance to take this but it still show the gorgeous beads used. I have titled it grateful because I am grateful for the world of bloggers out there and their creativity and their generosity. So Sam if you are reading this, woo hoo, you rock. Makes me think I really should do a 'just because' giveaway, will have to search for something super scrummy so I can pass on the love (of course it will never be as scrummy as this bracelet though:-)keep an eye out, think i have a big number coming up on my number of views so I might do it then.
Cheers for now, have some shopping to do.


COCO said...

suze, that bracelet is absolutely delicious. the green beads. woo hoo, well done for that and doing another challenge. i miss the ocean daily and you know what...i miss you so much. i wish you were just round the corner. you know i was remembering the other day when you just stopped by one afternoon with an iceblock for me and tom. just because. that really blew me away. your generous spirit is such a blessing in my life. so just becasue... i love you all the way around the world and back. my soul sister zz

Sam said...

I am so pleased that you like the bracelet Susy, and that it fits.

Thanks for a lovely post about it too. You've made me feel special.


Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty!