13 April 2010

So glad to be back

to having normal Internet access again. I have been having computer problems for a few weeks now and have been blaming the kids because after their computer dying they have been using mine. Any hoo after trying multitudes of things to fix it and nothing working a thought came to me at midnight last night, check your Internet usage, yep that was it, in one week my usage was over 100% for on peak and the same for off peak. Now no one in this house uses off peak so it became time to do some investigating. Fortunately my anti virus(which I had let lapse for a few days so warning people, always check your anti virus is up to date)tells me if someone else is using my Internet and there is was, QE.pc plus one other . Hopefully now the problem is all fixed, the intruders blocked, anti virus up to date and no more slow internet loading, back to seeing all those gorgeous projects everyone is doing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good heavens Suz....
I'm glad you're back too.

Hugs and have a great day!