25 November 2007

Meet Xavier

I know I was not going to blog this month but could not resist sharing this shot of my beautiful newest nephew Xavier, he is the most beautiful baby and amazing to think when I was cuddling him that he was not even due to be born for a few more weeks.


Kaz said...

He's beautiful, congrats to the entire family!

Anonymous said...

What a little beauty Suze and are'nt you lucky being an aunt so many times over.
I've only got 3 nieces, but guess what? My little brother Nick is going to make me an aunt again around May next year. Thrilled to bits :)

Peta's page said...

such a cutie!!! what a pity i didn't know you were here......... would have loved to meet you!!! maybe next time? take care

Kaz said...

Hey.... November is over, that means you can blog again... right?!!!!