16 July 2007

More of the light house and another pelican

Jackson found himself a comfy spot

The ferry that runs across the closest area between lakes Alexandria and Albert


Peta's page said...

your photography is simply stunning!!! what more can i say? keep up the good work!! you are inspiring.

lisa said...

Well now. I have been put in my place. Some yrs ago I drove through the Coorongs, along a seemingly endless stretch of road, past some of the most god-awful-boring scenery I'd ever seen.
I could'nt understand why anyone would want to visit let alone have a holiday shack there. The presence of an actual caravan park flabbergasted me.
Admittedly this was in the days when I could'nt find the beauty in any old landscape you cared to put me in. Not like now. Now I see the beauty in anywhere and everywhere.
But obviously I had made up my mind, based on that one piece that I saw..and had no qualms about saying so to people.
These photos have shown me I was wrong. It is beautiful, intriguing, and even colourful (!) Wonderful photos Suze, I have throughly enjoyed them. Loved the homestead too, a dying breed of house that.