9 July 2007

Funky photo Friday challenge-collections

My rubber fetish I have several angels around the house, not quite a collection but getting close.
Some of these are Christmas decorations that I just can't bear to put away.
These bottles range from small to tiny. They have housed products from dental floss to perfume and even an old codral cold medicine bottle

I love my MM paints
Rows of pretty ribbons, who can resist?

I don't have collections as much as gathering of things. My gathering of little bottles that sit on a shelf in my scrap room, and the angels that sit and hang in various spots around my lounge and of course there are not many scrapbookers out there that do not have a stash of products, more than they will probably ever use if they are any thing like me.


Kaz said...

Okay... third photo from the bottom in this particular post... the one with the bottles and stuff on the shelf... what is in the bottles that looks like little flowers? I absolutely LOVE those... whatever they are!!!!!! I think I'd like your house, just from these photos I feel like you have some of the same tastes as I do. Maybe not completely, but some similar. And can I just say WOW you've posted a ton since I seen the boys on stage photos! This is a nice surprise.
Please tell me what is in those bottles?!
p.s. we gave out biz cards at the car show to people who wanted them, and we wore our T-Shirts with our website on it. ( www.e-fotofx.com ) I wasn't into the selling aspect, heck.. I almost didn't want to go back the second day!

Heather said...

Beautiful photos! Love your gatherings of things. I too have a rubber fetish. Some are looking for new homes. Maybe I should send you a pic of them! Thank you for participating! Your photos are always so lovely!

Anonymous said...

I can't find your email address again, could you please email me if you can... I need to ask your opin. ksorbell@verizon.net

Anonymous said...

grrr... I couldn't loggin so I selected anonymous... it's kaz...

Patti said...

Love these photos Susy. Those angels are beautiful, I can see why you keep them out. Cool bottles, my Grandmother used to collect bottles, she had hundreds of them not sure what ever happened to them though.