3 March 2015


I feel a little guilty writing currently as the title of this post when there is so much I haven't blogged about. Maybe I should do a catch up post first but oh well... I have so many posts unwritten in my head, so many photos, so many projects, and time and motivation not apparent, it's just not a top priority right now. So onward with what is current.

  • Autumn, loving that one the first of March mother nature decided that we should shift from hot summer days to the pleasantly cooler feel of mid to high twenties and fresh crisp evenings. Weather to do stuff, to feel fresh and clean and enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin without the harsh burn of summer. For soft light streaming in windows. I'm sure that being contrary as she is that Mother nature will throw a few more scorchers at us before the next month or two is over but I'm enjoying what is right now. 
  • Fuji X-T1, and of how I am loving this little camera. I have hired it for a minimum of six months as I didn't want to commit to a whole new style of camera and decide I hate it and be stuck with it but I don't think hate could be in my vocabulary with this little beauty. I love that I can get great JPegs straight out of camera, love that I can upload directly to my phone or my fuji instax printer (oh the mini albums on the run I can do with this) and  control the camera directly from my phone, even exposures. As much as I value my old DSLR, at 6 years old it is a dinosaur in the world of digital and was feeling it's limitations with ISO and weight, while still a great camera for certain types of photography (I will hang on to it and the 70-200 for the boys sport) I wasn't using it like I should, the weight of having to lug a heavy camera bag every where I went too much of a restriction. 
A quick shot of #2 son in the front yard on a flying visit home.

  • Planning, I have been suffering from wanderlust a lot lately. I have always desired to travel more but in our younger years of marriage every trip we had seemed to result in a pregnancy (lol) so soon put a stop to the freedom of getting up and going with four boys in tow. Then as they got older there seemed to always be one doing senior school, or not the money or or or... Now that my youngest is 16 it seems that I can feel free enough to at least do short stays away without feeling as much guilt, Guilt about leaving them or guilt about not taking them all with me.  Sooooo, a friend and I have made tentative plans to travel to Thailand in October. To be adventurers (but not risk takers, ha) We are both on the same page as regards to travel. We both want to see things, we both want to experience new things. We're not interested in sitting around in a luxury 5 star hotel sipping cocktails for the entire time (may as well stay home and do that, ha) , we want to go, see, do which is why we have chosen Northern Thailand as opposed to the more resort style holidays around Phuket. Night markets, hill tribe people, elephant rescue sanctuaries, temples and Buddha's and monks and history, the thought of it all has me dizzy. I want to come home exhausted from all we have seen and done, head buzzing with happy memories. I have even made a midori style traveller's notebook already to take with me. Will I feel guilt at leaving my family at home, of course I will but after 24 years of caring for boys large and small snatching a week and a bit  just for me is going to be exhilarating.

    Until next time...

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