14 February 2011

The boys.

On Saturday Naracoorte celebrated with the annual food and wine festival. Paddy and  few mates got together to do a bit of busking and ended up pulling in a neat $100. They were very impressed for their first try. the boys have been doing a bit of song writing and need equipment to record it so it went back into a microphone and some other gadget. Happy that they have the nous to get do a bit of work for the things they want instead of  expecting things to be handed to them, a good ethic for life.
 Some shots of Joe and Seamus in the back shed, aka, the man cave.

I know it is very cliche to say that I don't know were time is going and it only seems like yesterday that they were babies but it is so true. Seamus my baby, is 12 tomorrow.


COCO said...

great pics susy. happy valentines day too darling. hope you have been spoilt. hubby washed my car yesterday..well it's better than nothing. miss your lovely face . hope to see you soon. xx coco

Anonymous said...

Great pics...
Time does go by fast. CRAZY!