15 January 2011

Water water everywhere

A few quick pics from around the area of our local creek. Normally this time of year it hardly warrants being called that, more like a long stretched out puddle, but with the flood water coming in from various other creeks and rivers and a decent downpour of rain the other day it has burst it banks well and truly.
 The two submerged metal handrails are normally well above the water, they are what you hold to step down onto the small bridge to cross the creek. that debris collected there is on the edge of the top railing.

 At the very back of this stretch of water is normally where the creek runs.
 Normally grassy area
 I have written in red where the path normally runs, behind that green sign that says creek walk. It is normally no more that a couple of meters wide at this point, and at times it almost dries up totally. That slab of cement to the right of the sign is a bench that you sit onto look down into the creek.
 Behind the pumping station (for you locals) a normally grassy area
another area that is normally dry.

Although the floods have caused devestation in some areas our little flood has not yet done any major damage and is actualy quite beautiful. We are amazed at the amount of wildlife it has bought into the water system,  frogs, fish , yabbies, birds etc. It has also bought people in the town much closer as every one has a common interest to chat about. 


Anonymous said...

Crazy. So scary. But if I can say so - BEAUTIFUL pics!

Donna said...

Beautifu;l shots Susy... I don't think I have ever seen the creek that full!!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo's Susy.

I had two messages the other day. Both from people who live in QLD and have been effected one way or another by the floods, checking that I was safe because the news had reported flash flooding in the Mount.

It was significant rainfall for the Mount but seems so minute compared to what other places have gone through!