28 June 2010

She sells, sea shells.

Ten times fast? Aren't these shells just gorgeous. the apothecary jar has been sitting empty on top of my bookshelf for months needing something just right to put in it. Being the coastal loving girl I am and after searching for ideas(many hours spent browsing gorgeous decor blogs of course, he he) the idea for shells came to me, inspired by this blog. You would think living on the biggest island in the world pretty shells would be easy to find but a lot of stores either where incredible expensive or only sold them individually. I was so happy when they arrived today from here. Click on the photo if you want to see some of the array of shells that came in the large white pack I ordered.
Today I also played with a set of cool new actions from here there are some wonderful free actions as well as some paid ones like this mini set I used here which was only us $5.00 and has five gorgeous Parisian inspired actions called French connections I ran it, played with the levels, regrouped the layers folder and then reduced the layer so the effect was really subtle. The photo is one that I have posted here before of my cute nephew Xavier. I really love the soft, light whimsical look it has given the shot.



Anonymous said...

Love the jar!
I just put apothecary jars and shells in our bathroom...

And your nephew is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

How are things?


Kaz said...

Awesome shells! :-)