13 May 2010

What did you get for Mother's day???

As well as the usual

I woke to the sound of giggling to find this bit of gift wrapped goodness
Youngest brother had gift wrapped second youngest brother neck to toe in almost a whole roll of cling wrap. Now I know I shouldn't have been happy about the use of so much of the clingy stuff, you know the whole environmental thing, but how can you not laugh and be filled with the joy of it all. The fruchocs and bow just topped it off beautifully, especially seeing Joe with a nice red polka dot bow around his head, he is such a manly young thing normally, in fact his older brothers have called him the manchild for quite a few years now so to see him trussed up like that just made me giggle.


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful and the JoePresi is darling!
I love it!

I got a sick child! But I also got my patio stained. lol
It's all in a day's work for a mama!
love from TX!

Sam said...

Too funny...that's the best present ever Susy :-).