5 August 2009

Vintage Johnquills

Hope I spelt that right. today I played with a set of actions from here , they are a vitagey washy set, a look that seems to be popular at the moment and best of all they are free. I've only just started following the blog recently but so far have found it very informative, she is a Mum (a very clever one mind you) not a photoshop pro so I love that she speaks English not Photoshopian(a whole other language that can be really hard to understand) I'm sure I didn't do the set justice but they are really quite cool. A set you have to play with a bit which I enjoy. For some reason my resize and sharpen for the web action seems to be desaturating my images a little at the moment but I am only playing and sharing so you get the idea. This was the ruby red action with red layer opacity dropped a bit.

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