20 April 2009

Some photos

Still finding it hard to get back into the blogging groove. Maybe when the boys are back at school and the house is completely back to normal after our reshuffle. any way thought I would just share a few photos from the last few weeks. Starting with young Xavier. He has always been baby Xave to me but now I guess he is growing past that stage and has reached toddler hood. He is just the sweetest. I have recently heard the lovely news that one of my nieces and her husband are expecting their first child (I think she is around 12 to 13 weeks) so their will be babies around for quite a while yet. One of my nephews was recently engaged too. The moon, obvious I guess,lol.
Joseph at the SAPSASA tryouts, he has made it into the team to go to Adelaide next month. He also received best on field in Saturday's match and was pretty excited even though the team took a hiding.

Easter Saturday saw us at the Marks' house for Kathryn's birthday. We had already had a lovely girls night the Friday before at her house. Love a party that keeps going.
Happy Birthday Kathryn.

Well that's all folks, for the moment anyway.

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