19 March 2009

I'm baaaack

there has been no blogging in this household for the last week or so, Mummas not been well. I seldom get sick and when I do it usually only lasts a day or two, not this time, 8 days now, for 8 days and 8 very looong night I have been coughing my innards up, ewww, sorry about that mental picture. I've just about had enough but hopeful I think I may be coming good. I didn't even turn the computer on for a couple of days, must be just about a record.
we had a fab time at the folkie the weekend before last, will fill in more about that next post. Just thought I would include a few picies from over the last month.
Oh and if I haven't left a comment on your blog and I normaly do it's bloggers fault not mine, I have been having issues with the comment part and I'm not the only one, yep Shaz, I have been trying on yours, kathryns and donna's too, coco's worked, I think anyway. Seamus' $2.00 of fun, we were at Trev's, our local junk shop, the other day when Seamus spotted these glasses and some drac teeth. His trade off for being allowed to buy the was me taking photos of him (of course)and as you can expect from something so cheap the arm of the glasses broke before he even had time to put them on his face, he still had fun with them though and I got to take my slightly creepy photos.

not quite Twilght!!!

Now we know why vampires seldom smile...there teeth fall out if they do.

A very noisy but still cute(I think, or is it just the subject) photo of Xavier playing with the bubbles from the bubblegun we bought him.

Our grotty little Princess, so much for a nice clean girly dog, I guess the male influence is just to strong in this house. check out those dirty ears, not sure what it was on them.

A shot of the robe beach taken on my point and shoot(which died on that day which is why these never made it to the blog before this) on Australia day.

the road to robe, P&S again.

Trying out some backlighting looks with Joey
Played around with PS a little, colours are a little funky.

this is from Jackos camera, his shots somehow ended up on my computer. It's his aborable friend Sarah on folkie weekend, such a cool young woman. They used the self timer for this. This is not long after she had dragged him on an eight km run down the town, around Griffith Island and back again, ahh to be so young and fit again.


Donna Maria said...

I hope you are feeling much better Susy.... The shots are FANTASTIC as usual....Missing YOU!! Xx

Sharon said...

Ohh Poor Sue!!! I HATE those coughing bugs... They are exhausting... I so hope you are feeling better soon! Naughty me I have forgotten to Post your rubber component of your order! BIG SORRY!