10 October 2008

an album in an afternoon

DH was at work, number one son was at work, number two son was still holidaying at port Fairy with his Nana and numbers three and four were playing at a mutual friends house. the dog needed a walk and my laundry basket was resembling mount Everest but I managed to ignore it all and grasp the opportunity for a bit of peaceful scrapping time. I'm so glad I did because I managed to finish an entire album in one sitting(excluding the quick dash to my lss to get another packet of rubons) It's done very simply but it is done and the kids love looking through it as it's a lovely reminder of the perfect day we had in Port Fairy last week. It is one of the most beautiful spots anywhere on a sunny spring day and the weather really turned it on for us. We lazed around the wharf, eating fish and chips and dangling the rods in for quite a few hours. Divine, no pressures no rush and NO telephones. After this we went out to Yambuk to see a family we have been friends with for years, nothing like catching up with old mates that you are totally comfortable with. the kids all played outside on the four wheelers(they have four too), the Mums sat inside and drank champers and the Dad's chatted and drank coffee. No pics, we just enjoyed the moment. They have just moved into their new house and I must say that I am totally jealous but not in the nasty way, in the I'm so happy for you way. the house it beautiful, one of the nicest new houses I have ever been into with all the mods and cons and even gorgeous new furniture to match. they deserve every bit of it as they have both worked hard running a large dairy farm, don't know how I would cope with all those early mornings. what was meant to be a quick visit ended up at around 11pm, time flies when your happy(again glad I don't milk cows early in the morning)

that's ginger beer Paddy is drinking, not a real one,lol. I have to write that in on the journaling spot as soon as I find my slick writer.
It's a little hard to see here but I have layered the large flower rubons, one on the outside and one on the top of the acrylic album, the effect is quite cool IRL.
A few beady dangly bits
and nothing to do with the album, but thought the jar of pastel buttons looked pretty in the sun.


Donna Maria said...

The album looks fantastic Susy....So glad you all had a good time! Catching up with friends is the best isn't it? Speaking of which.....7 days till I see you!!! Xx

Little Miss Lucy said...

Love the album Sue and the photos look great!
Port Fairy looks beautiful...i would love to visit there one day...i love the beach! sounds like u had a great time :)
lucy xxx

Ev said...

not sure how I ended up here, but just want to say that I love your "one perfect day" album. It is one of those that would be great to see IRL...shame you are so far away. Thanks for sharing

Can We Be Frank said...

I agree the album, colors, style is just fantastic!! I love coming to your blog, so uplifting.

lisa v said...

I'm so glad I got one of those books done of our photos from our holiday to Port Fairy..you know those photo books that Big w and the like will do ?..because our hard drive died and took all my photos with it. I do have some shots still, saved on C.D., but I lost a lot. Make sure you back up Susy.
The album looks great, certainly was a beautiful day, does'nt look windy either.

Em's Place said...

how fun!
Great album....
and honestly I love the buttons.