21 August 2007


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The other morning we had a gorgeous mist covering everything with a fine layer of moisture, I missed the best of it with the camera as I hadn't taken it walking with me but I raced back later in the morning to get the remains of the dew drops on the spider webs. Not as beautiful as they had been an hour earlier and the light source had moved but still pretty enough. Next dewy morning I must remember to take it with me.


Anonymous said...

Good captures, its hard to get spider webs and dew looking so fine.
Love the photos of the wood gathering trip...it so reminds me of Nareen, Vic, that scenery. They are such beautifully clear shots too.
Yes, the driving for them to play sport does get a bit much. Now if we lived in gawler we'd never have to travel as its big enough to have a number of teams within the town.
But alas, we live in the boondocks.
But, like you said, all over in 4 weeks. Hope the boys are doing well in their respective teams.

Kaz said...

Nice to see you posting again! I'm not one for spidey webs, but you make these looks so appealing. You almost make me want to go out and find my own, truth be told, it would take a lot more to actually make me go out just for a web!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Susy, I have changed the name and web address of my blog.